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Last news

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Hi people,
in the last months I was very busy and the time for blogging was not so much, so now I force myself to write a little resume:

  • from May I work with HippoCMS, this is a Cocoon based CMS and use WebDAV (Slide) for content’s storage. After this time working on it I can say that the product is good and simple, optimal for a non-too-much-complex site and with a good and friendly user interface.
  • during August I work for a little project in RoR; I never wroted any ruby line before that and the curiosity for this framework was very high. After all my impression is that RoR is a really good framework for creating little site with many CRUDs, but the sintax not make me enthusiast and the not so strictly rules put a lot of confusion into my brain.
  • for my holiday I was in Sharm el Sheikh, the travel was not expansive (yeah, a really last minute on the web), I made many snorkeling sessions and it was really, really, really spectacular. I hope to came back there sooner or later.
  • this year the annual CocoonGT was made in Rome, the venue was the wonderful Bioparco, that was a funny week and many thanks go to the main promoters (Sourcesense, Semeru, Hippo). Here you can browse some photo.
  • in the last 3 weeks I cannot browse anymore my photo album, I receive a strange Fatal Error by php but I cannot see any error into the logs. My provider does not support me so much :( and I don’t have so much time to investigate furthermore.

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Ping world…

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

As usual I don’t write so much as I want. So I’m here for ping the world and say “Hey guy, I’m alive!”.
Finally I’ve terminated my work in Lugano, and from the 17th May I was in my office. Now I’m working
on a project based on HippoCMS, a full featured CMS wroted with Cocoon.

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I’m still alive…

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Yes, I know, I don’t blog from a lot of time, but in the last months I don’t have much time…
From 15th January I was in Lugano for follow an interesting project based on Cocoon framework with a very nice AJAX client.
During this project I tried to port some flowscript to Javaflow, but in Cocoon 2.1 the Javaflow implementation is not complete and the are some boring issues. So the porting was put in pause, waiting for a official 2.2 release.
In the meanwhile we need some features like the possibility to load some selectionlist values into CForms widgets during the bind (not at declaration time). For this I wrote two components that during the bindLoad() phase load into the widget the model’s collection

<fb:selectionlist-value id=”l-country” path=”detail/country/id”>
<fb:selection-list path=”allCountries” value=”id” label=”name”/>

I think that this can be a common issue, so I will clean the code and contribute it.


CocoonGT 2006

Friday, October 6th, 2006


I came back from the annual edition of Cocoon GetTogether in Amsterdam.
Saturday 30 I left for Amsterdam, I wait Maurizio at the Schipol airport for go at home. Sunday we wake not so later, only at 11am :D , in the afternoon Gabriele was arrived in Amsterdam, so we wait for him and me e Gabriele are gone to our hostel; the night also Simone join with us. At the end of day we make arrangements for meet us before of conference.
Monday and tuesday there was the hackaton days, I tried to resolve some bug and start the integration of Dojo widgets into Forms, the last day of conference there was some talks; a relevant applause go to

      Gianugo‘s talk about REST (I was involved in development of the site)
      Simone‘s talk about Cocoon Blueprint (hey guy, good idea)
      Andrew‘s talks (surely the funniest)
      Bertrand‘s talk about Solr (powerful and interesting)

Yesterday I came back to Italy, after all the Holland experience was good; meet the cocoon guys is a pleasure, I’m displeased because my english is not so well, so I cannot be able to have a long discussion with them. But inside me the light of “hacking” was revamped and I hope to keep it alive.

The photo of the event are published here.


Back from vacations…

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Yep, I came back to the office :(
My vacations in the Rodi Island are ended, I’m very tired but very happy.
Some news:
- finally this morning Fastweb bring me the internet connection after 3 months of call to customer care.
- I’m looking for partecipate to this Cocoon GetTogheter.
- I hope to upload the vacation’s photo soon, we made also a video, but probably I’ll upload only some parts of it.