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Owned by the beach ball

Monday, October 29th, 2007

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MBP: a possible fan issue?

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Hi guys,
I’m here to write about another possible Apple MBP problem.
After the last post, I received some hints to install a software under MacOSX for increment the fan speed.
So during the Christmas holiday I’ve installed smcFanControl and FanControl tools. But what I see is a little strange: under smcFanControl I can see only the second fan speed, the first seems not working


while FanControl report me the same speed for both fans


and this not convince me at all!

Anyone with a MBP can tell me if these tools work correctly for him?


Apple, I love you!

Monday, December 11th, 2006

If you follow this blog, probably you can remember my recent Apple issues.
It *seems* that after the assistance, all the problem was resolved, and probably this is true, but a new was emerged.
When my mac was “terrible hot” it shutdown unexpectly. I have this problem under MacOSX and Kubuntu, on both OS. If I try to execute any application that is ‘CPU eating’ for a lot of time I can get only a black screen in front of me :( .

Now I’m using MBP raised by desktop and with a USB fan :D

My hot MBPMy hot MBPFan



Monday, November 27th, 2006

in the last post I wrote about my MacBook Pro hardware problems, I have it back from the assistance.
My hard disk was substituted and they replaced the “logic” too (I suppose they means the entire motherboard with CPU). But the error reported by the Apple Hardware Test is already here, so they wrote me that it can be a fake… strange! (Someone can execute the test on own MBP 15″?)
BTW, I’ve reinstalled the OS, resized the partition and installed a fresh Kubuntu Edgy 6.10, the installation was gone without problem, specially if you follow this guide. All the essential work fine but I should spend some of my spare time to:
- configure the embedded ISight 1.3Mp webcam, I’ve tried to compile the module but for now I cannot have it working;
- configure AIGLX (for now I’m using the ATI official driver, and not the open driver);
- resolve a little issue with the audio, I can switch from mixer between speaker and headphones, but not automatically when I plug the headphones;
- test the suspend;

After the installation I’ve made a little comparison of the two OS when building my actual project with ant. Before the assistance, on MacOSX the time of the whole build was above 5 minutes. Now on Mac it take an average of 3’15″ and under Linux about 2’45″ with some excellent times of 2’30″ :D . It seems that the eclipse use is faster too. Obviously this times are completely arbitrary and they depends principally by the JVM, so It should be that only the Apple JVM is slower, and not the OS. I’m not an Apple fan, but I cannot believe that this is the real gap, so in the next days I will do more test, with and without the JVM.


Apple assistance

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

after the last post, where I report a “little” problem with my MBP ethernet card, I try to install kubuntu on it, but without success; I discovered that I have other problems:

  • the HD had some bad blocks, resolved with some fsck pass in SingleUser mode;
  • the hardware-test executed from the Mac installation disk report me a strange error “4MOT/1/400000002: LEFT_UPPER – front”, looking for it on the web seems that the problem is the left core damaged due to the excessive heat;
  • I hope that the low performance of my notebook are caused by the core damage, so yesterday I bring it in assistance at Mac@Work; probably they will change the motherboard so I will wait for some weeks to have it back.

    When I will receive it surely I will retry to install Kubuntu, so I can make some test between Linux and MacOSX for building my actual project (about 6 min).


    MBP trouble

    Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

    After some little problems with my MacBook Pro (like noise from hd and a terrible hot) yesterday and today I have some strange network shutdown, when it happends I can see

    AppleYukon: error - Uncorrectable PCI Express error

    in the console; the only thing that I can do is to restart the notebook, I’ve tried to restart only the services, but without success.
    Looking on the net I’ve not found anything and I don’t know if it is a software or hardware problem.