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My vacations…

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Finally I’m on vacation.
Saturday 19 I leave Milano to come here in Padova, monday 21 I was in CanevaWorld, instead of a relax day it was a stressful but amusing day :D . Yesterday we go with our motorbikes on the Monte Grappa, here there is a monument in the memory of the Great (15-18) War’s soldiers: the Gavotti gallery; this gallery is 5km deep, and it is completely dark, the only light are the artificial lights. When we are inside, at the 6pm the light are turned off, and we have catch up the exit only with the light of our mobile phone ;) . In some cases the tecnology is useful! Here there is some photo, the best is the Silvia’s face… a remake of The Blair Witch Project :D .
Tomorrow we leave for Rodi Island, a full week of relax (I hope).
Wait a week and you will get the response.


Parco dei Mostri

Monday, June 20th, 2005

Ieri sono stato al Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo, un parco veramente spettacolare e ben organizzato con grigliate, tavole e giochi per i piĆ¹ piccini. Da visitare almeno una volta nella vita, e il prima possibile dato il continuo degrado delle opere. Date un’occhiata alle foto fatte.

P.S. Prendetevi una guida, altrimenti rischiate di non capire quello che vedete.