Apple assistance

after the last post, where I report a “little” problem with my MBP ethernet card, I try to install kubuntu on it, but without success; I discovered that I have other problems:

  • the HD had some bad blocks, resolved with some fsck pass in SingleUser mode;
  • the hardware-test executed from the Mac installation disk report me a strange error “4MOT/1/400000002: LEFT_UPPER – front”, looking for it on the web seems that the problem is the left core damaged due to the excessive heat;
  • I hope that the low performance of my notebook are caused by the core damage, so yesterday I bring it in assistance at Mac@Work; probably they will change the motherboard so I will wait for some weeks to have it back.

    When I will receive it surely I will retry to install Kubuntu, so I can make some test between Linux and MacOSX for building my actual project (about 6 min).