CocoonGT 2006


I came back from the annual edition of Cocoon GetTogether in Amsterdam.
Saturday 30 I left for Amsterdam, I wait Maurizio at the Schipol airport for go at home. Sunday we wake not so later, only at 11am :D , in the afternoon Gabriele was arrived in Amsterdam, so we wait for him and me e Gabriele are gone to our hostel; the night also Simone join with us. At the end of day we make arrangements for meet us before of conference.
Monday and tuesday there was the hackaton days, I tried to resolve some bug and start the integration of Dojo widgets into Forms, the last day of conference there was some talks; a relevant applause go to

      Gianugo‘s talk about REST (I was involved in development of the site)
      Simone‘s talk about Cocoon Blueprint (hey guy, good idea)
      Andrew‘s talks (surely the funniest)
      Bertrand‘s talk about Solr (powerful and interesting)

Yesterday I came back to Italy, after all the Holland experience was good; meet the cocoon guys is a pleasure, I’m displeased because my english is not so well, so I cannot be able to have a long discussion with them. But inside me the light of “hacking” was revamped and I hope to keep it alive.

The photo of the event are published here.